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Signs It is Time to Seek Couples Therapy

Therapy is often a last ditch effort to save a relationship, but it shouldn’t be that way. While couples therapists can help you at any point in your relationship, you should seek couples therapy right when things start to feel difficult. Below are 5 signs it’s time to see a couples therapist:

  • Communication breakdowns are frequent.
  • There has been infidelity.
  • The relationship feels like a roommate situation.
  • Physical and emotional intimacy are lacking.
  • Separation or divorce has been mentioned.

There is Hope: Start Couples Therapy Today

When your relationship takes a turn for the worse, you may feel lost and powerless, but there is still hope. With couples therapy, you and your partner can gain a deeper connection, air out your feelings, become more self-aware, and grow leaps and bounds as a couple. Read about how Barack and Michelle Obama used couples therapy to achieve a deeper level of connectedness.

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