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At any given time, any of us can experience a major crisis. Crisis moments -- from a sudden loss of a loved one to declining mental health or feeling suicidal -- can drastically affect our lives.

If you’re having a tough time after or during a crisis, you’ll be glad to know that there’s specialized help out there for you. Crisis counselors are available to help you get through this time and find balance again.

Signs You Need a Crisis Intervention

Crisis counselors specialize in delivering immediate, short-term mental health care to help you overcome any mental crisis you are dealing with. Here are some signs that you need a crisis intervention:

  • You have had thoughts of harming yourself or someone else.
  • You are experiencing delusions.
  • You’ve stopped completing routine self-care functions.
  • You feel an unmanageable level of stress.
  • Your eating and sleeping habits have changed for the worse.
  • You are using drugs or alcohol in an attempt to heal.
  • You feel depressed, anxious, or angry.
  • You are overcome with grief.
  • You have completely withdrawn from the people and activities you used to enjoy.

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms of a mental health crisis, a crisis intervention is in order. And if you’re not sure whether your concern qualifies as an actual crisis, it does - you define it. If you’re interested in how a crisis counselor can help, read the perspective of licensed therapist Veronica Welch about life in the middle of a crisis.

No Crisis is Too Great: Get Back to Life with a Crisis Intervention

A crisis intervention from a licensed crisis counselor may be precisely what you need to get back to normal. And with Mental Health Match, finding a qualified crisis counselor is easy! Start by browsing experts below or by using our free therapist matching tool.

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