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Are you struggling with the gender roles associated with femininity? In a world that’s driven by masculine ideals, processes, and power structures, women everywhere can feel both inspired and limited by social expectations for femininity and womanhood.

If you’d like to better explore your relationship with femininity and gender roles, therapy is a great option to consider.

Signs You Could Use Therapy For Femininity and Gender Roles

The below signs may indicate therapy can help you:

  • You feel like you’re not acting in a way that’s truly you.
  • You believe you “should” act a certain way because of your gender.
  • You feel conflicted about asserting yourself or your needs.
  • You simply want to explore your feminine side.

Being feminine does not mean that you have to conform to society’s arbitrary female gender roles. Moreover, your version of femininity might be different from the next woman’s - every woman is unique.

If you’re feeling hesitant about seeking professional help, read therapist Jessica Eiseman’s article on when you should see a therapist.

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