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As you get into advanced age, 65 years and older, it can be challenging to find happiness and cope with life changes.

Luckily, there are geriatric mental health professionals standing by to help you deal with transitions related to aging, navigate tough situations, and even find new meaning in life.

Do You Need Geriatric Mental Health Therapy?

If you’re not sure whether you should consider geriatric mental health therapy, this section will help you. Here are some signs you could use therapy:

  • You regularly have outbursts or feelings of aggression toward others.
  • You no longer enjoy things that used to make you happy.
  • You feel stressed out.
  • You turn to alcohol or drugs to calm your mind or get you through the day.
  • You are not sure how you want to live out your remaining years.
  • You suffer from anxiety.
  • You are reeling from the deaths of family members and friends.

This is not an exhaustive list of issues that affect older people.

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, or simply would like to enjoy life more, you could benefit from geriatric therapy. Here’s some helpful information about finding a therapist who’s a great fit for you.

Don’t Wait: Start Geriatric Therapy Today!

Your geriatric therapist will get to know you and identify any mental or emotional issues that need to be resolved. They’ll then create a treatment plan and goals to work towards. With ongoing therapy, you can work towards fully enjoying your life, even in old age. And with Mental Health Match, finding a qualified geriatric therapist is easy! Start by browsing experts below or by using our free therapist matching tool.

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