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Chronic illnesses not only affect your physical health, but they can also be harmful for your mental health. Many sufferers of chronic illnesses, like Diabetes, Lupus, chronic pain, or Crohn’s Disease end up with mental disorders ranging from anxiety to depression, which can make life harder.

Luckily, Mental Health Match can match you with a chronic illness therapist who can help you manage the stress, fear, and angst surrounding your diagnosis.

Signs You May Need Chronic Illness Counseling

If you’re not sure whether you need chronic illness counseling, we can help. Here are some signs that indicate that you should consider therapy:

  • You feel stressed out about the diagnosis and your future.
  • You have feelings of anxiety and sadness.
  • You have trouble concentrating throughout the day.
  • You are withdrawn or apathetic about relationships that used to matter
  • You don’t sleep well.

Read this article for tips about living with a chronic illness from a licensed therapist.

Feel Better with Chronic Illness Counseling

Now is the best time to seek treatment for a chronic illness or diagnosis. Mental Health Match can help you get started by connecting you with the most suitable therapist for your needs. Browse below or use our free therapist matching tool.

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