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Indigenous peoples have unique mental health concerns as a result of a long history of ancestral trauma. If you’re an indigenous person who prefers an indigenous counselor or therapist, it makes total sense. In the end, no one can understand your life experience as an indigenous person quite like another indigenous person.

Benefits of Seeing an Indigenous Counselor

As an indigenous person, seeing an indigenous counselor can lead to several benefits:

  • A greater sense of understanding between you and your therapist.
  • Greater freedom to be honest and forthcoming with information about your mental health and the struggles you face.
  • Better care since an indigenous person may recognize issues stemming from racial injustice imposed on indigenous peoples.

That said, not every indigenous therapist will be a good fit for you. When choosing a therapist, you need to consider many other factors. Read this article to discover how to find a therapist who’s the right fit.

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