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Some people prefer a therapist of a certain gender. While female or nonbinary therapists are well-equipped to provide high-quality therapy, you may prefer a male therapist. Some people benefit from having a male therapist, and your personal preferences are important when choosing a mental health professional.

There are many male therapists and counselors, and you can easily find a male therapist near you for in-person therapy or to meet with online.

The Benefits of Talk Therapy with a Male Counselor

You may not be able to pinpoint a specific reason why you prefer a male counselor, but here are some of the most common reasons why people choose them:

  • You may find it more comfortable to speak with a male due to your personal experiences, no matter your own gender identity. It is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist, as the relationship you have is one of the biggest predictors of outcomes in therapy.
  • You may connect more easily with a male counselor because that is historically who you’ve opened up to and have been vulnerable with.
  • People who have suffered abuse or harassment from women may not feel comfortable sharing their feelings with a female therapist. A male therapist may feel safer.
  • It may be important to your own healing to develop a safe, compassionate connection with a man, especially if you have not had such relationships in the past.

If you are curious how gender should play a role in choosing the right therapist, check out this article about finding the right therapist for you by licensed therapist Justine Soto.

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