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Many people seek a therapist of a similar racial or ethnic background. When given a choice, many Middle Eastern people prefer Middle Eastern therapists. Regardless of your reasoning, this preference should be honored whenever possible to maximize your chances of success in therapy.

Why Choose a Middle Eastern Therapist?

As a Middle Eastern person, your reason for preferring a Middle Eastern therapist doesn’t need validation. But to give you a bit of additional insight, here are some reasons why choosing a Middle Eastern therapist is a good idea:

  • You may feel closer to your therapist since you both share common ground.
  • The cultural and social struggles of living as a Middle Eastern person are more likely to be recognized by a Middle Eastern therapist than by a therapist of another race.
  • If your therapist is of the same race as you, you may be more likely to open up to them about your mental health.

Not all Middle Eastern therapists will be a good match for you. When selecting a therapist, many other elements besides race need to be taken into consideration. Read this article by Jessica Connolly to learn how to find the right therapist for you.

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