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Open relationships are relationships in which partners have agreed to be non-monogamous and have sexual or romantic relationships with other people. Open (or polyamorous) relationships can be rewarding, but they can also be sources of jealousy, self-doubt, anger, and miscommunication.

If you’re having trouble in an open relationship or are considering one, guidance from licensed therapists or counselors can go a long way. Relationship therapists are well-equipped to help you navigate the intricacies of open relationships, so you can feel more fulfilled in your relationships and be supportive and trusting with your partners.

Common Open Relationship Issues

Just like monogamous relationships, open relationships can be turbulent. Polyamorous relationships can create a variety of negative issues for you and your partner, including:

  • Jealousy
  • Self-doubt or low self-esteem
  • Pressure or coercion to enter into a non-monogamous relationship
  • Fear over sexual health and disease
  • Arguments or conflicts stemming from a lack of efficient communication
  • Lack of clear boundaries and limits on outside relationships
  • Honesty and trust issues
  • Uncertainty about the reasons for an open relationship

If you are feeling any of these issues that may happen with open relationships, check out licensed therapist Nicole O’Hare’s 10 tips to improve communication in your relationship.

A Better Open Relationship is Within Reach with Therapy

Relationship therapy can help you tremendously, enabling you to enjoy your relationships even more. Mental Health Match can help you find an experienced relationship therapist or counselor in your area. Start by browsing open relationship experts below or by using our free therapist matching tool.

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