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Pornography can be a healthy exploration of sexuality and sexual fantasy. However, many people become addicted to using pornograhy as a way to escape reality and run from their own stress and negative emotions. When this happens, pornography becomes like any drug or behavior: it is addicting and harmful.

Do you feel that a constant desire for pornography is negatively affecting your life and relationships? If so, seeking pornography addiction treatment is a logical next step to take. A sex counselor can help you discover the causes of your addiction so that you can set limits and improve your life.

Signs You Should Consider Therapy or Counseling for Pornography Addiction

Here are some signs that you may be addicted to pornography and should consider therapy:

  • You can’t stop watching erotica even when you want to.
  • You lose track of time and spend more time that you want watching pornographic videos or content.
  • You feel disgusted after you engage with pornography.
  • You turn to pornography as the primary way to cope with stress.
  • You lie about your consumption of erotica or hide it from your partner.
  • You’ve lost interest in sex or can’t intimately engage in sex when you’re in real-life situations.

To learn more, read licensed therapist Mara Fisher’s article about why we repeat mistakes in sex and relationships.

Overcome Pornography Addiction with the Help of a Sex Counselor

A sex counselor can help you understand your behavior, the origins of your addiction, and what you need to do to stop it. They can also hold you accountable to make the changes you say you want.

If you’re ready for a change, reaching out for counseling is an excellent option. Mental Health Match can help by matching you with a pornography addiction therapist near you. Start by browsing experts below or by using our free therapist matching tool.

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