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Many therapists commit to racial justice principles, including working to expose and counter white privilege and heal the effects of racial trauma. Racial trauma can take the form of hurtful social interactions, lack of education and employment opportunities, and more.

Thankfully, racial justice therapists are available not only to help you heal but to empower you to commit to racial injustice.

How Racial Justice Therapists Can Help

Here are a few of the ways racial justice therapists can help you:

  • They can be a supportive guide to understanding the effect racism has on you, your mental health, and your life.
  • They set the stage for a meaningful discussion and inspire you to look inwardly for answers to problems.
  • They can give you tips and tricks to remain calm amidst racial aggressions.
  • They can help you feel empowered about who you are.
  • They can help you understand and dismantle white privilege.

If you are a White person considering a racial justice therapist, read licensed therapist Marla Berger’s article on promoting racial equality. If you are BIPOC, consider licensed therapist Vaughn O'Neal’s tips for Black mental health during turbulent times.

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