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Your sexuality is a part of you and should be embraced, not repressed or hidden from others. If you are working on being more sex-positive so that you can express your sexuality freely and without judgment, a sex-positive therapist may be exactly what you need.

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The Benefits of Sex-Positive Therapy

When you seek therapy from a professional, the last thing you want is to be judged for your sexuality. You won’t have to worry about that with a sex-positive therapist.

Sex-positive therapists can help:

  • Encourage you to explore your sexuality to find out what you like, dislike, etc.
  • Support you in your journey to sexual self-discovery.
  • Help you overcome emotional and mental roadblocks that keep you from having a fulfilling sex life.
  • Give you a safe and encouraging place to talk about sexual topics that might otherwise encounter stigma or shame.

If you are considering therapy, check out licensed therapist Justine Soto’s advice on how to find the right fit with a therapist.

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