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Sexual assault has the potential to profoundly impact your mental health, making it challenging to move on from the assault. Any time you are a victim of sexual assault, it’s crucial to seek therapy from a qualified therapist to help you deal with the trauma.

Therapists and counselors trained in sexual assault will you help heal from your experience and move forward with your life.

Signs You May Need Sexual Assault Therapy

The effects of sexual assault can be detrimental, ranging from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to depression. Here are some signs you may need sexual assault therapy:

  • You relive the assault in dreams or flashbacks.
  • You actively try to avoid anything that reminds you of the assault.
  • You feel profound, lingering sadness.
  • You feel hopeless.
  • Your self-confidence is lacking.
  • You feel ashamed or blame yourself for the assault.

If you are having any of the following symptoms, we urge you to see a counselor. Licensed therapist Miranda Campbell has some tips in this article for telling your partner about your experience with sexual assault.

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