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Military life comes with unique struggles that can have lasting effects on veterans and their families. The stress of service, war-related trauma, and adjustment coming back to civilian life can all take their toll. Members of the military and their loved ones may develop mental health concerns like PTSD, depression, and anxiety, making life more difficult than it could be.

This is where therapy can help.

Common Issues Military Veterans and Families Face

Here are some of the most prevalent issues facing veterans and military families:

  • Veterans: Combat injuries, addictions to narcotics, alcoholism, difficulties getting reacclimated to the civilian world, mental issues like anxiety and PTSD.
  • Military families: worry and sadness during deployment, concern for the well-being of the military member, financial struggles, a fear of being uprooted, lack of control, mental conditions like depression and anxiety, vicarious trauma.

It’s normal to have difficulty during military service or after exiting the military, and that’s why veteran and military family counseling exists. If you or your family are struggling, we recommend you explore your therapy options.

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