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People often choose a therapist of the same race. As a White person, you may have much more in common with a White therapist than a non-White therapist. When you have a choice, working with a therapist who meets your preferences, including race, is essential for the best therapy experience.

Reasons to Choose a Therapist Who is White

It can be challenging for non-White people to understand the things that White people experience every day, and this can lead to inadequate care in some cases. Here are a few other reasons to choose a therapist with a similar racial background:

  • You may be more receptive to therapy and more willing to share your feelings and innermost thoughts if you feel connected to your therapist.
  • Therapists of other races may not be able to pinpoint issues specific to White people.
  • You may find that a therapist of the same race shows more compassion, especially if they have experienced similar things in their own life.
  • Due to racial tension, you may only feel comfortable sharing your struggles with someone of a similar race.
  • You may want a safe space to explore White privilege and how you can unlearn unconscious racism.

Besides race, there are other factors you should consider when looking for a therapist. To learn more, read this article by licensed therapist Justine Soto to discover some considerations when selecting a therapist.

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