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Work can be stressful from time to time, but when the stress becomes too much to bear, it’s wise to consider outside help. With the guidance of a stress therapist, you can discover the causes of your work stress and how to cope.

Signs You Need a Stress Therapist

Work stress often stems from long work hours, clashes with coworkers or superiors, and a lack of job security, but many other issues could be to blame. Sometimes work is so demanding that you bring it home with you, leading to a poor work-life balance.

Here are some signs that indicate that you should see a therapist for work stress:

  • You dread going to work.
  • You have trouble remembering things.
  • You bring work matters home with you.
  • You self-medicate with drugs or alcohol.
  • You have physical symptoms: digestive issues, teeth grinding, dizziness, body aches, sleep changes, or headaches.

Read this article for some tips about how to overcome stress.

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